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CLEAN & CLEAR® New Campaign Launch: #PimpleHiTohHai
CLEAN & CLEAR® New Campaign Launch: #PimpleHiTohHai

Inspires teenagers to not let anything get in their way, not even pimples


Watch the digital film –

National, March 4, 2022: CLEAN & CLEAR®, one of India's leading teen skincare brands, unveils its latest campaign #PimpleHiTohHai. With an interesting take to pimple woes, the campaign encourages young girls to let go of their inner inhibitions about pimples, not allowing it to change who they are and how they behave.

Dealing with pimples can be difficult for most young women, making them self-conscious and unsure about themselves. This is often rooted in the deep-seated fear of being judged or standing out within their cohort for the wrong reasons. Attempting to combat this school of thought, this new campaign brings to the fore the various pimple dilemmas that teenagers experience when in the company of their friends. The film further assures these skin conscious teenagers that pimples are in fact not a big deal and encourages them to continue living their lives freely while sharing a healthy and happy relationship with their skin.

Commenting on the campaign, Manoj Gadgil, Vice President – Marketing, Johnson & Johnson -Consumer Heath, India said, “Clean & Clear has always endeavored to help young teenagers feel confident in their skin - be it through the products or the thought-provoking campaigns. With #PimpleHiTohHai we are trying to address teen’s social anxiety surrounding pimples. We believe that this campaign will help the world see the pimple for all that it really is – just a breakout on the skin which no one should fuss over, giving the teenagers a much needed boost of confidence to be themselves. #PimpleHiTohHai solidifies our position as a brand that gets teens!”

Pallavi Chakravarti, Creative Head - West, DDB Mudra said, “For decades now, teens have been told [covertly, if not overtly] that it’s ok to be self-conscious about acne. And then some product swoops in to set their troubled minds at peace. We’re attempting a much-needed narrative change here. Pimples will come and go. Clean & Clear has your back but that’s all there is to it. Let’s not make a mountain out of the molehill that is a pimple. No one cares about it. It doesn’t take away from who you are. Never has, never will.”

The launch of the campaign will be supported by a high decibel integrated marketing program across media platforms. The digital-first outreach will further be supported by the introduction of the TVC.



At CLEAN & CLEAR® India, we understand the importance of skin confidence - that when your skin is at its best, you are at your best. That’s why we have designed a complete range of skincare products that are oil-free, gentle on your face and loved by millions of young girls around the world who are all unique in their own way. So, wash away your inhibitions and take on the day with clear skin!

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