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Getting Inked: The Only Black Dot That Clean & Clear Supports
Getting Inked: The Only Black Dot That Clean & Clear Supports
‘Operation Black Dot’ aims for 100 percent voter registration among students of Mumbai University

Mumbai, February 13, 2014: In the run-up to the Lok Sabha Elections 2014, leading youth brand, Clean & Clear, has launched ‘Operation Black Dot’, a campaign to educate and facilitate voter registration in Mumbai University. The objective of the campaign is to ensure 100% voter registration while simultaneously educating the youth about politics in order to empower them to make an educated and informed decision at the ballot box. To make the campaign engaging and youth-friendly, Clean & Clear has partnered with several youth icons including Priya Dutt, Gul Panag and Purab Kohli.

A recent study conducted showed that 67 percent of voters in the 18-29 age groups in urban India did not exercise their right to vote in the last election only because their name was not present on the voters list. Younger people across urban India often find the process of enrolling as voters, too cumbersome and therefore stay away from the entire process of voting. Additionally, another factor responsible for the apathy of the youth towards voting includes their lack of awareness and clarity on the varying standpoints of different political parties to form a clear, informed opinion. By addressing such issues, ‘Operation Black Dot’ aims to dramatically boost participation by encouraging the youth to actively partake in the future of the country.

Says Ganesh Bangalore, General Marketing Manager, Johnson & Johnson, “The youth today is completely aware about political issues and understand their responsibilities towards the country. Clean & Clear as a leading youth brand wants to enable them and give them the confidence to choose the next leadership of the country by making voting easy through Operation Black Dot.”

The Operation Black Dot team is using innovative methods to engage with its young audience. Apart from using social media such as YouTube and Face book extensively, the team holds face-to- face meetings with elected representatives, called ‘Hangouts’. The presence of popular celebrities like Gul Panag, Purab Kohli, Anushka Manchanda, R. Jose and Vishal Dadlani is adding to the element of fun, and increasing the participation of students. The team has also roped in the Election Commission to give the campaign more traction.

Adds popular VJ Purab Kohli, one of the campaigners for Operation Black Dot, “This format of
engaging college students is a refreshing change from the traditional loudspeaker political
discourse that really puts off youngsters. Operation Black Dot encourages youth to discuss and debate issues with their elected representatives, and collaboratively find solutions to matters that affect them.”

Along with voter registration, the emphasis of Operation Black Dot is on raising awareness about current affairs and engaging with political figures to discuss pressing issues. With the success of campaigns like this that are working to raise the participation of young India in elections, we can undoubtedly look forward to a more lively democracy and a high voter turnout amongst Mumbai’s youth in the upcoming general elections.

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