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Women across Uttar Pradesh Can Avail of Free Advice on Menstrual Hygiene
Women across Uttar Pradesh Can Avail of Free Advice on Menstrual Hygiene
The Stayfree Health Line receives nearly two lakh calls in six months

Lucknow, February 13, 2014: Women across Uttar Pradesh can benefit from professional advice and counselling on menstrual hygiene-related matters. The free service has been introduced by leading women’shealth and hygiene brand, Stayfree, in an effort to empower women to make educated decisions about their menstrualhealth and hygiene. The free service can be availed by giving a ‘missed call’ to 9243333000, the service is active from Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm.

The overwhelming response the Stayfree Health Line has received over the last six months, points to the pressing need and demand for such a service. Thousands ofwomen have benefitted so far from scientific and accurate information related to menstrual hygiene that is often not available to them. Feminine hygiene and menstruation, being a sensitive topic, is not discussed openly, and women often continue to harbor myths and misconceptions about it, since no one amongst their family and friends is able to educate them. Additionally, mothers are often not in a position to guide their daughters correctly, since their own knowledge is limited. Over time, unhygienic practices due to low awareness levels can adversely impact the health and productivity of these women. The Stayfree Health Line gives young girls and women an opportunity to break free from this cycle of misinformation by providing them free and credible information to clear their doubts in a convenient and confidential manner.

According to Ajay Rangaraj, General Marketing Manager, Women’s Health Franchise & Middle India, Johnson & Johnson, “Stayfree believes that irrespective of geography and economic standing all women should be able to enjoy a healthy and hygienic life. Access to information is critical if we want to empower women to make educated and informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. The Stayfree Health amongst a widely dispersed audience. The anonymity and privacy that comes with the service along with the fact that mobile phonesare accessible to broad spectrum of women from across economic strata, allows women to feel comfortable and ask questions they might hesitate to ask friends and family.”

A ‘missed call’ to the Health Line, results in the call being returned by an advisor, trained by a gynecologist. The advisor is trained to address all questions related to women’s health and hygiene. Women can avail of this FREE facility through a missed call or an SMS to 09243333000.

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About Stayfree® Women for Change
Stayfree Women for Change is an initiative that aims for a healthy, hygienic life for every girl and woman. We endeavor to do this through health education, training and access to health and hygiene amenities for adolescent girls and women, thus empowering them to take charge of their health. For more information visit www.stayfreewomenforchange.com/

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