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Clinical Evidence for Market Access & Value Creation

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Johnson & Johnson Medical India is a leader in developing and systematically implementing an evidence-based approach toward the scientific basis of decision-making in healthcare. This comes at an opportune time with the changing payer landscape. At Johnson & Johnson Medical India, we believe in achieving clinical evidence for market access and value creation by providing superior patient outcomes related to medical devices. To meet this objective, the Company’s Medical Affairs, Clinical Operation and Device Safety team works closely with surgeons and institutions to help them generate their patient outcome data for better therapy management and superior outcomes.

The Indian evidence generation by Real World Evidence strategy focuses on procedures / disease areas such as:

  • Metabolic surgery
  • Self-monitoring of blood glucose in diabetes management
  • Surgical site infection control
  • Bleeding management
  • Arthroplasty of joint reconstruction

The local evidence generation supports customized management of procedures and creates better outcomes for patients in the country. The Company ensures a safe product launch by promoting scientific and medical excellence throughout the product life cycle. This is accomplished by:

  • Conducting clinical trials that meet the highest scientific and ethical standards
  • Providing easy-to-understand information on products to ensure proper use
  • Educating consumers and patients on the safe use of products
  • Promoting an enhanced, patient-focused, and robust public policy

Additional steps are taken to ensure patient safety through continuous monitoring by systematic, technology-based tracking. An open doorway policy helps address customers’ concerns directly.

Scientific collaboration with surgeons from the private and government spaces for conferences, publications and advisory boards are among other initiatives undertaken to contribute to the market need for evidence. Investigator-initiated studies are also supported by the company to gain product and procedure insights.

These initiatives, along with continuous engagement with key opinion leaders, help JJMI keep abreast of customer and patient needs. The ultimate goal is to provide better patient care.

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