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Every day, millions of people around the world enjoy the benefits of products from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Very likely, someone in your family is one of them.
Your family’s health and well-being is our passion. That’s why our companies offer the world’s broadest range of health care products. Whether you have a skin blemish or a serious medical condition, you and the health professionals you trust can turn to our companies’ products for comfort and care. You can rely on us to help keep baby fresh, quit smoking, or provide wound care.

In operating rooms and laboratories, doctors and nurses, too, rely on products from our medical technology companies. Our products help them help people conquer life-threatening obesity, ward off colon cancer, and control their diabetes. The list goes on. And products from our pharmaceutical companies have likely helped someone you know. These prescription medicines treat a wide array of conditions, ranging from migraines and rheumatoid arthritis to cancer and serious infections.
  • MedTech
    Johnson & Johnson Medical provides solutions to doctors, patients and nurses. Being a leading MedTech provider in almost every segment, what sets it apart is its constant focus on innovation. It offers an extensive range of high technology medical and surgical equipment, devices and services. The business is organized into franchises to focus on target customers and better service.

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  • Janssen
    As a member of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, Janssen India is dedicated to addressing and solving the unmet medical needs in Primary Care and Specialty Care (central nervous system, oncology, nephrology, dermatology and immunology). Driven by our commitment to the passionate pursuit of science for the benefit of patients, we work together to bring innovative ideas, products and services to patients and nephrologists, orthopedics, neurologists, hematologists , rheumatologists, gastroenterologists and dermatologists throughout the country.

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  • Vision Care
    Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is a company committed to transforming the world's vision. Since its inception, the company has strived to increase awareness about the importance of vision and vision care and to provide the world's most exceptional vision correction options. We believe in providing superior solutions for vision correction to doctors so that they can unleash their full potential and help patients live a life without compromise. Our passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment has seen us become a world leader in vision care, providing a family of outstanding contact lens products. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is fully committed to enhancing patients' lives and partnering with Eye Care Professionals. Vistakon, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, is the maker of ACUVUE® brand contact lenses, the world leader in soft disposable contact lenses.

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