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To support children from marginalized communities who have been affected by COVID-19 fulfill their right to nutrition, survival, and overall development.

The program aimed at strengthening the nutritional support provided to children in Night Care Centres (NCCs) to help them stay healthy during pandemic times. Prerana has been providing care services to children belonging to the red-light areas since more than three decades. It works to ensure the safety and development of children living in the red-light areas and addressing the needs of mothers in the sex trade to keep their children safe during the night. NCCs provide services such as – protected shelter, wholesome nutrition, education support, safe play options, safe sanitation options, and opportunities for skill development, awareness sessions, and an overall platform for holistic personality development and growth.

In collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, Prerana has been facilitating the BTE program for children from underprivileged backgrounds. Parents of these children are daily wage earners, cooks, and domestic help from underprivileged backgrounds.

Due to the pandemic and its related restrictions, Prerana’s operations were adversely impacted the children leaving them without any support system. Earnings of mothers who earned a living from the sex trade were hit hard due to the pandemic. To help ensure that each child receives nutritious meals and is able to thrive in a healthy family, Prerana provided ration and sanitary relief kits to 300 women living in the red-light area for a period of two months.

50 children enrolled under the BTE program received grocery kits and sanitation kits for a month. Relief kits were also provided to 20 non- teaching staff of Vivek School, where Prerana’s BTE program is being implemented. The relief kits were prepared to support a family with one month of basic food like rice, wheat, dal, onions, potatoes, salt, masala, tea leaves, sugar, oil, and biscuits.

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