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Strengthening Anganwadi for Healthy & Educated Communities in India

Johnson & Johnson is in a long term partnership with Humana People to People India, a not-for-profit organization, to strengthen the capacity of Anganwadi Centres and Government Health Centres in Ranga Reddy district of Telangana since April 2016 and in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh since April 2020, with the ultimate goal of bringing sustainable changes in maternal & child health and quality improvement in the accessibility and service delivery of comprehensive early childhood development resources in the regions.

Ranga Reddy District, Telangana

The project is focused on improving the quality of life of 250,000 people living in 85 villages in Ranga Reddy district by strengthening the Anganwadi centres and Government health sub-centres. The goal is to provide basic and preventive health care services, quality early childcare, and education for the community, with a special focus on women & children living around 151 Anganwadi centres, 50 health sub-centres under 5 PHCs.

The following strategies/actions are in place:

  • 151 Anganwadi centres are revamped with good quality paint and attractive wall art to make them child-friendly.
  • Pre-school Education Training sessions conducted for Anganwadi teachers and helpers to address issues of poor infrastructure, sub-optimal teaching capacity of teachers, and low attendance of children. LED TV screens and activity-based digital content (animated videos) for pre-school education are provided.
  • Health workers conduct door-to-door visits to ensure that every pregnant woman gets a minimum of at least four ANC check-ups, early registration, one ANC check-up in the first trimester, along with physical and abdominal examinations, haemoglobin estimation, urine investigation, 2 doses of tetanus toxoid immunization, and IFA tablets. Health workers ensure PNC within 24 hours of delivery and subsequent periodic home visits to identify and manage emergencies during the postnatal period.
  • The Jeevan Jyothi Clinic located in Village Penjerla, Rangareddy District provided free consultation and treatment to patients. Owing to the Covid–19 induced lock down restrictions, the clinic started providing tele-counselling and consultation to Covid patients. Patients are referred to the Primary Health Centre for testing and treatment. Covid-19 awareness messages by the medical officer are recorded and shared with ANM/ASHA, PRI members, Women Health Group, etc. through WhatsApp.
  • 36,015 Patients reached out in 1,236 Health camps, where free consultation and medicines are provided to pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children are conducted. 2,705 Patients reached through 10 specialized Health Camps in last 5 years.
  • Trainings and awareness meetings for ASHA/ANM workers on Maternal and Child health are conducted.
  • Women Health Group Meetings to build sustainable awareness on ANC/PNC, safe motherhood, seasonal diseases, importance of nutrition, immunization and institutional deliveries, are conducted. Women are made aware of government schemes, including Janani Shishu Suraksha Scheme, mother, and child protection card.
  • With community help, the project has made 509 Kitchen Gardens
  • Take-home rations and meals are provided to children, pregnant and lactating women.
  • As part of Covid-19 response, food packets were distributed amongst migrant laborers who have lost their jobs and are struggling for daily meals. Hand sanitizers were provided to police personnel from the local police station and to ANM/ASHA workers. A Covid-19 awareness drive was conducted in 85 villages on social distancing, use of masks, and maintaining cleanliness to prevent the spread of the disease.

COVID-19 support activities till June 2021:

  • Provided awareness to 40,567 People
  • Facilitated cowin registration of 6,569 people
  • Provided vaccination to 6,253 People directly in the Camps organized by Govt.
  • Covid Tele counseling of 12,105 People
  • Supported home isolation, hospital admission of 3,345 people
  • Organized Blood donation Camp with Kothur Police Station and Red cross

The project has reported zero Maternal Mortality with 98.5% of the deliveries have become institutionalized and 99.5 % complete immunisation of the children in the project operational area of Ranga Reddy.

Baddi District, Himachal Pradesh

In Baddi, many migrants either work as daily wage labourers or do menial jobs. They have limited understanding of COVID-19 and the significance of vaccination for pregnant women & children (0-5 years). The project aims to empower them with useful information on maternal & child health and COVID-19, importance of good nutrition, and pre-school education. The project is reaching out to 125,000 people through 50 Anganwadi Centres and 12 Govt health sub-centres.

  • Anganwadi infrastructure improvement and community awareness activities were conducted and accomplished in phase one. 20 digital Anganwadis equipped with LED TV and activity-based digital content (animated videos) to carry out pre-school education for enrolled children. These Anganwadis were painted with beautiful murals/grade-appropriate wall art to make them child-friendly. Children can attend their classes and take meals once the AWCs open after the Covid-19 situation improves.
  • During the second phase, abiding by the guidelines and protocols for COVID-19, laid down by the ICDS Department and Health Department, the project team organizes a limited number of training for frontline workers, health camps, formation of women groups, orientation & capacity building of frontline workers and health camps for the community.
  • Meetings with Women Health Groups are conducted to generate awareness on the significance of ante-natal care (ANC) and post-natal care (PNC) for pregnant women and lactating mothers.
  • Immunization of pregnant women and children of 0-5 years are carried out. 816 pregnant women and 2,760 children (0-5year) have been vaccinated to date.
  • Spread information about maternal and child health in the community of 50 Anganwadi centres. 50 Anganwadi in 42 villages were sensitized about public health, nutrition, and pre-school education services at the village level. Meetings were conducted with frontline workers (Anganwadi Workers, Helpers, ASHA and ANM) and the local community members of 50 Anganwadi centres. 110 health camps covering 4,514 participants have been reached till June 2021. The team spreaded awareness to 7,836 people on family planning, nutrition & healthcare, especially for children, pregnant or lactating women with an aim to reduce mortality, morbidity, and malnutrition during door-to-door visits.

COVID-19 support activities so far:

  • Provided awareness to 13,430 People
  • Facilitated cowin registration and provided vaccination to 9,234 People directly through 56 Camps organized by Govt.
  • Covid Tele counseling of 3,540 People
  • Supported home isolation, hospital admission of 181 people
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