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Neonatal Resuscitation Program – First Golden Minute

The World Health Organisation estimates that around one million stillbirths occur in India each year. Birth asphyxia – when a baby is unable to breathe at birth - is one of the major causes of infant death in India. But it needn’t be. While neonatal resuscitation is simple, inexpensive, available and cost-effective, it is often not initiated, or the methods used are inadequate or wrong. Since 2009 Johnson & Johnson has been working with the Indian Academy of Paediatrics and other partners to help to train those involved in any aspect of new-born care and who could need to undertake neonatal resuscitation, such as paediatricians, gynaecologists, obstetricians, anaesthetists, nurses, midwives and paramedics. The goal is to train 200,000 Indian health personnel in neonatal resuscitation, in order to have at least one trained person at every delivery.

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