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TOUCH Project - Child Sponsorship & Textbook Bank

Keeping poor students in school is a challenge and even more so in rural areas. Moreover, there is a need for a well-rounded education so that these students can excel.

The TOUCH Project strives to help rural and poor children to overcome the hurdles that keep them from gaining an education. The project is currently, supporting the education of 1000 children from various districts in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan and West Bengal. A number of developmental initiatives are also organized for the sponsored children, during which they are exposed to personality development activities in a comfortable environment.

The TOUCH Project selects beneficiaries by visiting children’s homes and schools and assessing the children’s financial condition.

Apart from sponsorship of deserving students, a model Book Bank that stocks textbooks for all professional and degree courses has been started at Vihigaon. This Book Bank reduces the financial burden on poor students by enabling them to borrow books for a financial year, rather than buying them.

Beneficiaries: Child Sponsorship & Book Bank benefits 1,000+ students.

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