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Param Prasad Charitable Society


The rural population, especially rural women, face the twin challenges of unemployment and inadequate healthcare.


This ongoing program, which is now in its second year, contributes towards a school for Auxiliary Nurses and Midwives (ANM) at the Bernardo ANM School of Nursing, in Kamagere, Karnataka.

A batch of 50 underprivileged girls from villages of Karnataka, is selected on merit every year, for this program. The Society covers the costs of the participants’ tuition, food, accommodation, uniforms, books, and so on.

On completion of the training, participants are placed in rural community health programs across rural Karnataka, where they provide much-needed quality health care to the underserved population.


The program contributes to alleviating the acute shortage of trained nurses in rural Karnataka, where healthcare facilities are minimal and maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity are major challenges. It seeks to improve the quality of primary healthcare services, while raising the economic, educational and social status of the participating disadvantaged girls.

Beneficiaries: 50 ANM trained girls pass out every year and 5,000 rural people receive better care. Till date 100 girls have been trained under this program.

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